Your installation partner for lasers and multimedia

When it comes to permanent installations of multimedia equipment and especially lasers, conception and planning are an important part. In order for all multimedia elements to harmonize properly, it is important to coordinate such a project in detail in advance.

Nova Event has many years of experience with projects and has carried out a wide variety of multimedia and laser installations. Whether it's laser projections on a hydro shield, an LED screen with synchronization to the effect light, large outdoor multimedia show projects or even simple club installations of laser technology and effects - we help you to successfully implement your project.

Good planning, defined resources, transparent communication

We know exactly what makes a successful project: customer satisfaction is the be-all and end-all. That's why we put particular emphasis on transparent communication right from the start. The overview of the necessary as well as used resources and generally a structured project planning are important for us as well as for you.

Our experienced project managers accompany you from the beginning.

For installations and projects, please contact us with further details: