Lasers are unique, inspire and are pure emotion!

Laser shows are spectacular events that emotionally carry away the spectator and thus remain in memory. The spectator has the feeling of standing in the middle of the light and being part of the show! Wonderful effects can be created with lasers, as they are a very special kind of light.

Nova Event is your partner for professional laser shows of any size - be it for a wedding, a private party, a corporate event or a festival. International laser show productions for well-known brands and big festivals and stage shows are also part of our repertoire.


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Different types of laser shows

There are different types of laser shows, each of them having different effects. There are classic laser beam shows, where the laser beams in the room are made visible by particles in the air. This is the most common type of laser shows and it is particularly good at creating emotion.

Laser projections, such as those used for advertising, use a surface to project onto. This type of laser show is also used in so-called lasermapping, in which the contours of buildings and objects are specially highlighted by lasers.

If an intense laser beam is directed into the sky, or used to shine from a building or mountain, this is referred to as a skylaser or landmark laser application.

Nova Event offers laser shows according to your requirements - from highly individual to standardized, and thus inexpensive, concepts we can offer a variety of solutions.
We are the experts for your event!

Lasershows in der Schweiz, in Europa und weltweit

Lasershows kommen mit Nova Event in unterschiedlichstem Kontext zum Einsatz

Laser show at festivals

Lasers are an important part of most light shows at festivals. Lighting designers use them as an emotionalizing, amplifying effect to bring visitors along and add a visual layer to the perception of the music.

Laser show at festivals

Laser show at city festivals, New Year's Eve laser show

An emotionally stirring and impressive laser show is a good alternative during political bans or weather-related high heat with fire danger and complement to fireworks, because the particles in the air can make the laser beams even more effective.

Laser show for the national day on August 1

Especially for the celebrations on the national day, the demand for a laser show has significantly increased in recent years. Not least the difficult situation with the risk of forest fires in midsummer has led to the realization that a laser show can be a very good alternative to fireworks. But also in addition to the fireworks, a laser show comes into its own particularly well, because the smoke particles in the air additionally emphasize the effect of the laser beams.

Laser show at festivals

Outdoor Laser, High power, Sky beams

Outdoor laser shows are used on various occasions: almost every major electronic music festival relies on laser light to illuminate the festival grounds, but festivals of other music genres also use outdoor laser shows to emotionally integrate the audience into the show. Recently, even metal festivals are increasingly using laser systems. A decisive advantage of laser compared to conventional light is its enormous range of up to 30km and further. This means that even the largest festival grounds can be covered. Outdoor lasers are not only used at festivals. Also popular are sky laser projections (also called "landmark lasers" in some parts of the world), where one or more laser beam(s) are projected into the sky or certain points are made visible from afar. This type of laser application does not require music synchronization and is often planned as a fixed installation. Sky or landmark laser projections are especially popular in countries in the Arab and Asian regions. Amusement or theme parks also use outdoor laser shows as part of their laser or multimedia displays. Other applications include corporate events, opening ceremonies or inaugurations of buildings or architectural objects. Furthermore, some light artists also use laser systems for their outdoor laser installations.

High power Laser Lasershow

Lasers for mappings and stagings

Artistic stagings are increasingly complemented by lasers and multimedia. Nova Event is happy to assist as a partner for such projects with experience and technology, helping to implement even complex stagings.

Laser shows for corporate events & presentations

Corporate events usually require extensive planning and conception as well as intensive cooperation of the individual trades on site. The specifications and wishes of the company are decisive! Nova Event has many years of experience in working with commercial customers from a wide variety of industries and in the context of a wide variety of requirements - lasers and multimedia are often important stylistic elements to convey emotions!

Presentations of vehicles, fashion, machinery or services - the use of lasers and multimedia technology takes place in this context manifold. Nova Event helps to underline your presentation with the right emotions.